ECON Minor


The Minor program in Economics is offered to students who are interested in economics but hold primary interests in other fields. Economics is the study of the allocation of resources and provides an understanding of a very wide range of issues that one faces both in their daily personal operations and in their careers. By arming the students with the theoretical toolkit as well as the basics of empirical analysis, and allowing the application of this expanded toolbox in a field elective course, the Minor program in Economics promotes the intellectual growth of the individual student and contributes to them becoming better citizens as well as better professionals. The minor is not only useful for students in fields other than economics that may wish to continue their education with a graduate degree in economics but also for those who wish to prepare for a MBA, graduate studies in other social sciences including law, international relations, public policy and finally in quantitative analysis.

Open To Students from

  • Faculty of Art,Design and Architecture
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Economics,Administrative, and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science
  • Department of Philosophy

Prerequisite Courses

  • MATH 102 Calculus II or MATH 106 Introduction to Calculus II or MATH 114 Multi Variable Calculus
  • One of the below requirements
    • ECON 101 Introduction to Economics I and ECON 102 Introduction to Economics II
    • ECON 103 Principles of Economics
    • ECON 107 Principles of Microeconomics and ECON 108 Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ECON 207 Economics Theory for Engineering

Minor Program Rules and Regulations


CodeCourse Name
ECON 203Microeconomic Theory I
ECON 204Microeconomic Theory II
ECON 205Macroeconomic Theory I
ECON 206Macroeconomic Theory II
ECON 222 Probability and Statistics II or ECON 301 Econometrics I
Elective 1 (any 300- or 400 level ECON course)