PhD Curriculum


Course CodeCourse Name
ECON 503 Microeconomic Theory I
ECON 504 Microeconomic Theory II
ECON 505 Macroeconomic Theory I
ECON 506 Macroeconomic Theory II
ECON 509 Probability and Statistics I
ECON 510 Probability and Statistics II
ECON 515 Mathematics for Economists I
ECON 516 Mathematics for Economists II
ECON 595 Research Paper I
ECON 596 Research Paper II
ECON 591 Masters Pre-Thesis Seminar I
ECON 592 Masters Pre-Thesis Seminar II
ECON 691 Ph.D. Pre-Thesis Seminar I
ECON 692 Ph.D. Pre-Thesis Seminar II
ECON 695 Research Methods in Economics I
ECON 696 Research Methods in Economics II
ECON 699 Ph.D. Dissertation
GE 690 Academic Practices


Course CodeCourse Name
Any 5XX and higher courses with at least 3 credits.8 such elective courses.
During the first year a majority of the core curriculum courses are to be completed. During each semester of the second year at least three credit units of electives must be taken. The Ph.D. candidate may also take elective courses for credit in the third and fourth years of study. These electives may include courses from other departments or institutions as well as courses offered by the Department. There is no upper or lower limit on the number of such courses.