Tilburg – Bilkent Dual Master Programs

Bilkent University and Tilburg University are combining the high quality education in two prestigious organizations to create a customized joint program with degrees granted from both universities to serve the needs of today’s modern business world. The flexibility of the program allows students to specialize according to their needs and aspirations beyond the boundaries of a traditional Masters Program. This joint initiative allows participants to benefit from a wider range of expertise from three different departments, two different universities, and two different cultures. In a world where the West is opening up to the East, and the East facing the West, the synthesis of experiences and states of very different economies will help build a stronger understanding of what is and what could be.

The competitive business environment demands specialization that builds on a strong foundation, of which the pillars are sound theoretical knowledge and strong analytical skills. Serving this need, our program offers not only the quantitative rigor, but also the application oriented specialization in highly demanded fields. The wide range of fields of specialization keeps pace with the ever-evolving demands of the public and private sector.

The program is two years dual Masters program. Full time students spend their first year at Bilkent University and their second at Tilburg University. Part-time students have the option to complete their education in Turkey in two years.

Students are expected to take 13 to 15 courses and write two Master’s thesis.

The initial year of the program in Bilkent University sets the groundwork and provides the participants with necessary skills to continue towards the second year in Tilburg University where they specialize in one of the five alternative fields. The two Master’s theses are completed at the end of the last year, each approved by individual committees in both universities.

After the completion of the program the students are granted:

  • M.A. in Economics at Bilkent University

plus an M.Sc. degree in one of the following fields at Tilburg University

  • Economics
  • Mathematical Economics and Econometric Methods
  • Operations Research and Management Science
  • Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Sciences

Program information: