Macroeconomics Study Group

The Macroeconomics Study Group meets every Tuesday 12:40 p.m. to 13:30 p.m. at A228. Presenting graduate students introduce their own research and receive feedback. Papers are emailed to the group in advance.

All attendees are expected to contribute.


October 22, 2013Gülserim Özcan
(Bilkent University)
“On the Importance of Prior Selection: Do BVARs Outperform DSGE model's Out-of-Sample Forecasts”
(with Yıldız Akkaya, Burak Eroğlu)
October 30, 2013Gökçe Karasoy
(Bilkent University)
"Stock price responses to monetary policy shocks"
November 5, 2013Hamide Karahan Turan
(Bilkent University)
“Time to Build and Cyclical Fluctuations with Non-convexities"
November 12, 2013Burak Alparslan Eroglu (Bilkent University)
“Cointegration with Bounded Time Series" (with Mirza Trokic)
November 14, 2013Seda Köymen
(Bilkent University)
“The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Heterogeneous Labor Market"
November 14, 2013Zeynep Kantur
(Bilkent University)
"A New Keynesian Model with Unemployment: The Effect of On-the-job (with Kerim Keskin)Search"
February 10, 2014Banu Demir Pakel
(Bilkent University)
“Grin and Bear It: Producer-Financed Exports from an Emerging Market”
February 19, 2014Bilin Neyaptı (Bilkent University)
"Optimal Fiscal Decentralization" (with Giray Aslım)
March 05, 2014Refet Gürkaynak
(Bilkent University)
"Identifying Effects of Partially-Measured News Surprises" (with Burçin Kısacıkoğlu and Jonathan Wright)
March 19, 2014Ahmet Usta
(Bilkent University)
"External Financial Shocks & Turkish Economic Performance"
April 02, 2014Anıl Taş
(Bilkent University)
“Measuring the Output Gap”
May 27, 2014Yıldız Akkaya and Gülserim Özcan''On The Importance of Prior Selection: Do The BVARs Outperform the DSGE
Models’ Out-of-Sample Forecasts?''