Job Market Seminars

25.01.2016Andrew PuaSimultaneous equation models with discrete
outcomes: Coherence and completeness using panel
27.01.2016Zeng Hua XiaOn Random Social Choice Functions

with the Tops-only Property
1.02.2016Martina KirchbergerPollution, Crime, and Mistrust across Space: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
3.02.2016Selman ErolNetwork Hazard and Bailouts
Metin UyanıkComputation of Stationary Equilibrium Payoffs in
Coalitional Bargaining
8.02.2016Anja PrummerSpatial Advertisement in Political Campaigns
9.02.2016Musab KurnazOptimal Taxation of Families
11.02.2016Mark HallamMixed-Frequency Macro-Financial Spillovers
24.02.2016Burçin KısacıkoğluThe Information Content of News Announcements