Prof Erinç Yeldan receives ''Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals''

Prof Dr Erinç Yeldan has been awarded the ''Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals'' by The Global Programs and Strategy Alliance (GPS Alliance) of the University of Minnesota.
Following is an excerpt from the Award's description announced by the University of Minnesota: ''The Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals is a University-wide award for alumni, former students, and friends of the University who have distinguished themselves in their post-university work as leaders in their professional careers. This award may be conferred on alumni, former students, and friends of any campus (current or former) of the University. Individuals will have attained unusual distinction as professionals in their careers within institutions or in public service and have either demonstrated sustained outstanding achievement and leadership, or demonstrated promise of such on a local, national, or international level.''

The details of the award can be found at: http://global.umn.edu/honors/dlai/12_yeldan.html