British Academy Singles Out Banu Demir Pakel's Project for Notice

From among numerous successful projects supported under its Newton Advanced Fellowship program, the British Academy has selected a project led by Asst. Prof. Banu Demir Pakel of the Department of Economics as a particularly good example of how the Newton Fund can strengthen the capacity for research and innovation in partner countries.

Dr. Demir Pakel’s project, titled “Using Processing Trade to Facilitate Innovation in Response to a Competitive Shock,” focuses on an important and policy-relevant topic in international trade and demonstrates a new margin of firm-level adjustment in response to heightened competition in international markets: provision of trade credit. Results from the project can be read on the Vox CEPR Policy Po...Read More

Congratulations to Kemal Yıldız who has been awarded an MSCA global fellowship grant!

On the basis of 2018 call evaluations, Dr. Kemal Yıldız from Economics department has been awarded MSCA global fellowship grant for three years. This global fellowship project will be jointly carried out in Princeton University and Bilkent University.

Memory limitations lie at the core of how agents store past experiences and make decisions. For example, consider a buyer choosing between two alternative brands of a good. In thinking about a brand, she may recall her past experiences, product reviews, or expert’s ratings, which induce a belief about the brand’s quality. In...Read More

2018 Bilkent Summer Macro Workshop

The 2018 Bilkent Summer Macro Workshop will take place on 14 August 2018, with presentations by Daron Acemoğlu (MIT), Ufuk Akçiğit (University of Chicago), Selman Erol (Carnegie Mellon), Burçin Kısacıkoğlu (Bilkent) and Sang Seok Lee (Bilkent). The workshop program can be accessed here .
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