PhD Program

The PhD program in economics is a program requiring the attainment of scientific competence in conformity with international scientific standards. Admission to the doctoral program is by written application and an evaluation by the department. It is expected that admitted students will be adequately prepared in calculus, linear algebra, and statistics.

All students take a common core curriculum at the outset and later branch out in the desired fields of specialization. The fields may be chosen from fiscal economics, international economics, macroeconomics, mathematical economics, monetary economics, and econometrics. Well-prepared students should anticipate spending approximately two years in course work and another two years in seminars, independent study, and dissertation research. While exceptional progress may make a three-year program feasible, some types of research programs will require at least five years to complete.

A candidate for the doctorate must:

  • Successfully complete the core curriculum for PhD degree in Economics. The courses in the core curriculum for PhD degree in Economics include the graduate level Microeconomic Theory (ECON 503-504), Macroeconomic Theory (ECON 505-506), Mathematics for Economists (ECON 515-516), Probability and Statistics (ECON 509-510), Research Paper (ECON 595-596) sequences and Pre-Thesis Seminars (ECON 591-592-691-692), Research Methods and Academic Publication Ethics (GE 500), Academic Practices (GE 690),¬†Research Methods in Economics I and II (ECON 695-696) and the PhD Dissertation (ECON 699) courses.
  • Successfully complete the course requirements for PhD degree by completing 8 at least 3 credit elective courses. These courses have to be 5XX and higher courses. (Some graduate courses offered by other departments may be counted towards this requirement.)
  • Show competence in two comprehensive examinations in macroeconomics and microeconomics within the first three semesters after being admitted to the PhD program.
  • Submit a detailed thesis proposal while taking the ECON 699 course and give a seminar on this work.
  • Submit and successfully defend a dissertation that represents a contribution to knowledge in the field.

Candidates must be in residence for a minimum of three years including the period spent on the Master of Arts program.

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For information on the PhD curriculum, click here and choose “Doctor of Philosophy in Economics.”

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The Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences website can be accessed here, where you can also access important forms and thesis guidelines (see the link “Documents and Lists”).