Poster Fair: Macroeconomics Seminar students present their projects

"Econ 402: Seminar in Macroeconomics" Spring 2012 students presented their project proposals in a Poster Fair attended by faculty members and graduate students. The poster session allowed senior students to present their work and get ample feedback from participants. The photos from this event are posted on the department's facebook page. The project topics are listed as follows:
1. Disentangling the Role of Deregulation in the U.S Financial Crisis of 2007-2009
2. Financial Development and Business Cycle Volatility
3: Exploring the Relationship between FDI and Education in Developing Countries: The Case for Bangladesh
4: Centralisation of Collective Bargaining and Wage Pressure
5: IMF and 2001 Turkish Financial Crisis
6: THE EQUITY PREMIUM PUZZLE: A Possible Solution With Interactive Heterogeneity
7: Is Inflation Targeting Advantageous for Post Crisis Period?
8: The Impact of Fiscal Institutions on Budgetary Trade-offs
9: Labor Market Trends as Explained through Affinity Specifics
10: Do the distribution of firms within the country affect the probability of crises after liberalization?
11: Fiscal Austerity
12: Intra-Industry Trade and Regional Trade Agreements
13: What you Export Matters: or Does it?
14: End of the European Social Welfare State?
15. Economics of Oil
16: Currency Boards: the cause of crisis?
17: Feldstein-Horioka: Puzzle or Fact?
18: What incentives should be given for developing countries to sign ACTA