Kıvılcım Metin-Özcan is appointed as lifetime Research Affiliate at ERF

The Board of Trustees of the Economic Research Forum (ERF) has recently renewed Kıvılcım Metin-Özcan's affiliation with ERF as a Research Fellow providing her with life membership. All Research Fellows are to be renewed once and on the second renewal they are either renewed for a life membership or discontinued. Given Assoc. Prof. Dr. Metin-Özcan's solid academic record and her involvement with ERF over the past period, the Advisory Committee and the Board of Trustees chose to grant her a life membership. ERF is committed to capacity-building among young researchers in the region and to the generation of high quality research of relevance to development in its region. Research Fellows form the basic constituency of ERF and they are expected to play an important role in its development, as well as the capacity building among young researchers in the region.