ECON Students Prepare for and Participate in Forex Trading Competition

Over the past weekend Department of Economics students attended a training session on the foreign exchange market provided by Integral Menkul Değerler A.Ş. This was the second in a two-session sequence leading up to a competition to be held among the department\'s students in a virtual foreign exchange market, to be organized by Integral Menkul Değerler. The first training session included a presentation by Department Chair Selin Sayek Böke on the importance of understanding the foreign exchange market, followed by a series of presentations by the heads of several departments at Integral Menkul Değerler. The second session, which took place on campus February 23, was led by Egemen Candır, research manager at İntegral, and Ozan Batu, technical analyst at the firm.

Mr. Candır and Mr. Batu provided in-depth information on technical analysis tools, basic analysis and the meta trader system. The technical analysis discussion included an overview of the main factors, various indicators and formations, support and resistance levels, and trends, among other issues. Basic analysis, as reviewed during both training sessions, included a brief discussion of relevant economic indicators. Finally, the meta trading segment informed students on how to function as a trader in the foreign exchange market using the valuable technical information provided during the session.

All students who attended the training sessions will sign up during the week of February 25-March 1 to participate in the Forex trading competition to be organized for Bilkent Department of Economics students starting March 4 and continuing for a week. The first place student will be awarded a one-month internship at Integral Menkul Değerler, with the first runner-up receiving an iPad and the second runner-up, an iPad mini.