Trademaster Economics Platform opens

On November 4, the Trademaster Economics Platform opened at Bilkent University. This is a financial trading platform intended to advance the educational goals of Bilkent University through synergies between research, teaching by means of real-world applications and collaboration with the private and public sectors.

The platform, which is administered by the Department of Economics in collaboration with İş Yatırım, will be open to all Bilkent students and faculty members. Located on the ground floor of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Social Sciences (FEASS) building, it will allow those who are interested to experience financial instrument trading in a trading room setup, with computers connected to real-time data and transactions taking place via the Trademaster trading platform. The platform will give students opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world financial market activity and decision making, and to learn by doing while still at the university. It will also enable Is Yatırım staff and Bilkent University faculty members to collaborate in research projects making use of the ample financial data available within the platform.

The opening ceremony for the Trademaster Economics Platform took place at the FEASS building. The ceremony started with Rector Abdullah Atalar’s welcoming remarks, in which he noted the importance of applying academic knowledge to real-world practice in such platforms. İş Yatırım CEO Erdal Aral also emphasized the importance of this collaboration and shared his institution’s enthusiasm about creating a platform that brings together researchers, practitioners and students. The opening ceremony concluded with a reception.

All Bilkent University students will be able to sign up for mini-courses on financial trading and to use the trading platform upon completion of these courses and workshops. The schedule of courses, workshops and related seminars will be announced via the Department of Economics web page. For further information, any interested students and faculty members may e-mail